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Actual Voting Records

Reported by Nancy - October 10, 2004 -

VoteSmart has a database of Congressional voting records going back to 1988. So before I hear one more person blathering on about ANYONE's voting record, go to their website & look it up. It may seem like a lot of "hard work" to READ all this stuff & "some people" seem to have an aversion to "hard work", but it's your responsibility as a citizen. Just do it.

Here's what they include for every member of Congress:
Current Office
Current District
Office Seeking
First Elected
Last Elected
Next Election
Issue Positions(NPAT)
Campaign Finances
Interest Group Ratings
Voting Record
Additional Biographical Information
Speeches and Public Statements
Fun Facts
Campaign Schedule

Voting records are organized by Categories:
Abortion Issues
Agriculture Issues
Arts and Humanities
Budget, Spending and Taxes
Business and Consumers
Campaign Finance and Election Issues
Civil Liberties
Civil Rights
Congressional Affairs
Crime Issues
Drug Issues
Employment and Affirmative Action
Energy Issues
Environmental Issues
Executive Branch
Family and Children Issues
Foreign Aid and Policy Issues
Government Reform
Gun Issues
Health Issues
Housing and Property Issues
Legal Issues
Military Issues
National Security Issues
Regulatory Issues
Science and Medical Research
Senior and Social Security Issues
Social Issues
Technology and Communication
Trade Issues
Transportation Issues
Veterans Issues
Welfare and Poverty