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Sidewalk Polling

Reported by Judy - October 9, 2004 -

Fox and Friends ventured outside its studios today (Oct. 9) to find people who wanted to comment on last night's debate between George Bush and John Kerry. Isn't it funny that everybody thought George Bush won?

A coincidence? No. Most people who stop by the Republican-sponsored channel are going to be Bush supporters, so the deck is stacked from the beginning.

One tall man with gray hair was a former Army colonel who thought we ought to stay the course in Iraq. He looks awfully familiar to me and reminds me of another former Army colonel who was interviewed on the sidewalk a while back. Either he's an awfully well-kept street person whose turf is around Fox offices, or he makes it a point to show up outside Fox studios to get interviewed.

Partisans pack the on-line polls. Why not the sidewalks?