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Elections Fair Enough

Reported by Deborah - October 9, 2004 -

Dana Lewis reported on the elections in Afganistan on Fox News Live at 3:15PM and 4:39 PM with the typical Fox spin . 10/9/04

In the first report Dana Lewis portrayed the election day in Afganistan as a great victory for the country even though there were allegations from all fifteen of the opposition candidates that the voting was fixed. After a clip of an emotional and grateful Afghan citizen, there was a clip of Karzai scolding the people who questioned the integrity of the process. Dana Lewis explained,
" Outsiders say that that it may not be fair but it's fair enough."

The second report eliminated the Karzai clip but added a clip of U.N. election monitors who promised to investigate the allegations about the election once the votes were counted. Lewis explained that the problems occurred in a few locations where the ink used to identify the voters was not permanent allowing people to vote twice.This time Lewis said that people were saying that"all and all it's as fair as it could be."

comment: Both reports minimized the importance of the fairness in this election giving viewers the impression that any kind of election in Afganistan, no matter how flawed, is a great victory for their democracy. However, it seems that condoning this corruption in their new government is a poor reflection on this administration's concern about the realities facing the people in Afghanistan, as they struggle for real freedom.