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Bush Supporter Victimized ?

Reported by Deborah - October 9, 2004 -

Laurie Dhue interviewed a New Jersey teacher who was recently reassigned to another school because she displayed a picture of George and Laura Bush in her classroom.Fox viewers were given the impression that the teacher was persecuted unjustly for her patriotic bulletin board display.However, this was not the whole story. 10/09/04 4:50PM ET

The eighth grade teacher told Dhue that she did not understand why she should be asked to leave the school simply for displaying a photo of the President and First Lady on a bulletin board display. When asked if she criticized a student for being a democrat, she denied ever discussing partisan politics in her classroom. Dhue asked if any other class had photos of the President and she said that there were none in the school at all.The entire incident was a mystery to her and she had no idea why the parents should complain.

According to an AP article from 10/7/04 there was a bit more to this story. During open house night, parents asked about the photo after hearing reports from their children that the teacher was discussing politics during class time. One student claimed that she said he should be ashamed to be a democrat and she was glad that the students couldn't vote. When asked to remove the photo and write a letter of apology for "zealous misuse of 8th grade instruction time",
the teacher refused. The article states that the teacher in question will be assigned to a resource room in another school, where she will be working one to one, teaching basic skills.

comment:Fox left out some pretty important details painting this woman as a victim who was persecuted by angry democrats who could not stand having the president's photo in their child's classroom. Fox loves the victim angle, making their viewers believe that the Bush hating liberals are the enemy of all patriotic people who love their country and their President.

As a teacher, I can assure you that something was going on in that room besides an innocent bulletin board. First of all, any photo of a candidate during a presidential campaign will create a reaction from students.It would not be out of line for the principal to ask the teacher to remove it, to avoid bickering. Also, this teacher taught English and there was really no reason for the bulletin board display in her classroom, since it did not relate to her curriculum. Why did she refuse to remove it? I don't really think she's the innocent victim that Fox has portrayed.