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Bush misses another physical.

Reported by Chrish - October 8, 2004 -

Why has George W. Bush's annual physical exam been postponed until after the election? I heard a very brief mention of the fact on CNN last week (9/28, if I remember correctly) and have tried, with help from the Newshounds and others, to find an answer.

I was unable to find anything on either CNN.com or FOXNews.com. Wading through hundreds of web articles about his unexplained missed physical of 1972, Melanie finally found the following story about this year's exam, posted Tuesday: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=1521&ncid=703&e=7&u=/afp/20041005/pl_afp/us_vote_bush_health

Nancy found this about Bush's 2001 physical:

and this on his 2002 exam:

So far we've found nothing on his 2003 physical.

Comment: First, thanks to Nancy and Melanie for their finds, and the other Newshounds for their efforts.

Bush's spokesperson Scott McClellan says the physical has been postponed because of a busier than usual schedule. I find this explanation ludicrous, given the public accounts of his fundraising, trips to Crawford, fishing, mountain biking, etc. (All that "hard work.") Americans have a right to know, especially before an election, if there's been a change in the president's health.
FOXNews.com wants "your idea of an interesting health segment". Ask them why Bush has skipped another physical exam.
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