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Michael Savage & Fox News Judge Howard Stern (Believe it or Not)

Reported by Melanie - October 6, 2004 -

The first three segments today (October 6, 2004) of Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox News' premiere "business and financial show," were about Howard Stern's 2006 move to Sirius Satellite Radio. Personally, I would have thought the sharp rise in the price of oil and it's potential effect on the economy might have taken precedent over Howard Stern, but not on Fox.

The first segment was a report by Terry Keenan. The second was an interview with Scott Greenstein of Sirius Satellite Radio and the third was an interview with, yes, Michael Savage.

After introducing Savage, Cavuto asked what he thought of the Stern move. Savage said, "Well, if there are enough Martians who want to hear about lesbians, I think it'll be a big hit." Cavuto made an insincere attempt to redirect Savage but Savage continued, saying it's sad that a guy like Stern, "who would be a balloon man in the Catskill mountains in my day" has a fan base who just want to hear him say "the 'F' word and attack cripples." Savage said, "I believe in free enterprise but isn't there a limit to the degeneracy of the media?"

When asked if he appreciated what Stern was bringing to the table Savage said, "Lesbian, lesbian, those panties, oh, let me see that, those panties, ah, let me see your brassiere."

Later, Cavuto asked Savage if this changed the radio culture, and whether Savage would consider such a move, since he too is controversial. Savage said, "Yeah, but I don't resort to words like that and I don't pick on cripples." Savage said "my most controversial statement is America's future hangs in the balance like a loose tooth. I believe we're this close to losing our nation." Continuing, Savage said, "It's not because George Bush worships Jesus Christ, and the media, instead of attacking Osama bin Laden, if they spent one tenth the time they do attacking George Bush, on Osama bin Laden, we'd be winning this war."

At the end of the interview Cavuto asked Savage if he'd move to Sirius or XM radio if homosexuals who claim he's homophobic "forced your commerical distributor to take you off the air?" Savage responded: "You mean if the brown shorts who think that they're the new Hitlerites who control the media did that? I don't think they'll succeed." He said he has viewers and advertisers lined up to listen to and buy his show and "the small group of fanatics who don't like me should respect the fact that we live in a free society, but they don't. They're the real neo-nazis of today and I'm not afraid of them."

Ending the interview, Savage told Cavuto he loved him and that Cavuto has the "best show on Fox."

COMMENT: Fox News obviously knew full well what they were getting when they asked Michael Savage to appear on this show. In the past, Fox has talked of Howard Stern with a high and mighty, God and country, cleanse-the-airwaves tone. After Stern was censored and began speaking out against Bush earlier this year, Fox aired a brief flurry of segments bashing him. Evidently, Michael Savage was their man to do it today, but to see Michael Savage and Fox imply that they're the standard by which Howard Stern should be measured is laughable.