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Is Ann Coulter Really a Comedian?

Reported by Melanie - October 6, 2004 -

Ann Coulter made an appearance on Dayside w/Linda Vester today (October 6, 2004). (She made an appearance on Hannity & Colmes Monday, was on Fox & Friends this morning (as reported by Judy in Ann Coulter: New Queen of Mean), and was then on Dayside this afternoon.)

Appearing to promote her new book, Coulter launched off on last night's VP debate saying, "Cheney beat Edwards about the head."

Vester asked Coulter about "that flickering light thing" Edwards mentioned, adding she didn't think America's light is flickering, "This is the greatest country on earth." Avoiding Vester's question, Coulter ridiculed Edwards for the remark he made about being at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem just prior to a bombing at a pizzeria down the street. Coulter said, speaking to Edwards, "So, if you hadn't been at the King David Hotel on the day of that bombing, Israel wouldn't have a right to defend itself? What kind of logic is that?" (COMMENT: I cringe when Ann Coulter starts talking about logic.)

When asked if it was true that Coulter would rather not talk to liberals at all, she said "I think a baseball bat is the most effect way these days." Coulter said Bush is "a little too compastionate with these Democrats." She said her new book contains a list of ten "rules for arguing" with liberals, among them, never show graciousness, never complement a liberal, never flatter a liberal and Bush is "consistently violating all of them." Bush invites Ted Kennedy to the White House for "movie night", he praises him, he names a building after his brother and "what has he gotten in return for that? All the love he keeps showering on Teddy Kennedy." Vester said "Not much." Coulter said Carrie Kennedy Cuomo "showed up" at a pre-dedication ceremony for a building being dedicated to her father "in order to attack the Bush administration." Vester said she saw that quote and it was "stunning."

Coulter said "It's always that way. When you turn on the Sunday morning talk TV shows and it's Republicans praising you know, my good friend Teddy Kennedy. No good, I'm telling you, only misery has come from those words - my good friend Teddy Kennedy."

Vester read a sentence from Coulter's book: "Teddy Kennedy crawls out of Boston Harbor with a quart of Scotch in one pocket and a pair of pantyhose in the other, and Democrats hail him as their party's spiritual leader." Asked to clarify Coulter said "think of that." A "girl drowning in car, gasping for air, and he's worried about this political future?" She said you can't imagine a Republican "who killed a girl" or was a former member of the clan, "like pompus Senator Bob Bird," or a Republican being a "man who's credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broderick. That is the Democratic party. It's a rotten party." Coulter said "we learned what happens to Republicans who are gracious when Bush debated Kerry." She said, "that really was his problem, he really was too gracious," Bush didn't "jump" on Kerry when he said "completely contradictory and insane things."

About Bush's compassionate conservatism, Coulter said "Give me a little more Dick Cheney."