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Pre-Debate: Cheney-Edwards Strategies

Reported by Judy - October 5, 2004 -

Any of our astute readers could have predicted the topic that dominated Fox and Friends and Fox News Live for two hours this morning (Oct. 5). Speculation on the Dick Cheney-John Edwards vice presidential debate tonight was the main thread running through Fox News.

Throughout a number of paired appearances by Democrats and Republicans and reports from "team coverage" reporters Kelly Wright, James Rosen, and Molly Henneberg (who didn't giggle very much at all today for a change), Fox hit on the same themes.

Republicans: Dick Cheney is experienced, adds "gravitas" to the ticket, and will trounce John Edwards. John Edwards is an inexperienced debater, but as a silver-tongued trial lawyer has milked doctors and hospitals of millions of dollars for bogus malpractice claims which are driving up the cost of health care and made him rich.

Democrats: John Edwards will bring up Halliburton, remind viewers of the incumbent's dismal job creation record, will bring up Halliburton, mention news since the last debate including Paul Bremer's admission that the U.S. had too few troops in Iraq to control the populace after the war, and will bring up Halliburton.

This will go on all day, I assure you.