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Neil Cavuto Endorses Bush/Cheney?

Reported by Melanie - October 5, 2004 -

COMMENT: Neil Cavuto delivered a somewhat bizarre opinion piece today (October 5, 2004) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Cavuto's comments, at times chilling, were made during the "Common Sense" or "analysis" portion of his show, and seemed to be a fairly clear endorsement of the Bush team.

Here's what Cavuto said:

"Well, you know everyone, everyone is convinced that tonight's vice presidential debate will be a classic duel of styles. The grump versus the hunk. Darth Vader meets Luke Sky Walker. I've heard it all.

"I ain't buyin' a stitch of it. My prediction: Don't assume the good looking guy wins. Now, I'm not taking sides here, but I see a sea change going on here. Balding, overweight guys are cool. But, of particular solace to this reporter, chunks are hunks. I couldn't be happier myself because mine has been a very, very lonely march. Tonight the tide could turn.

"I think because we're more scared today we're frankly open to scary-looking people leading us today. Our world has a long and rich history of turning to dower and frankly homey-looking guys in times of crisis. The British in World War II turned to Winston Churchill, clearly no looker. And this nation, ahead of the Civil War, to Abraham Lincoln. No cover story on GQ he.

"Right now there is a revolution in this country and ugly, unassuming people are leading it and yes, broadcasting it. Pitty for me that in the world of business news I'm competing with similarly hideous types so it's kind of like a battle of quasi mottos for Q ratings, but, of course, that's another story.

"Here's the real story. Do not assume for a minute that just because yours truly didn't make the Playgirl list of hunky broadcasters that I didn't make a similar list in say, Popular Mechanics or Nature magazine. Because I will tell you what, and let this be a warning to Shepard Smith and Sean Hannity, our resident Playgirl pinups, this overweight Italian business anchor has your number. And don't the nation and Dick Cheney know it."

Looking angry and stone faced, Cavuto ended the show: "All right. That debate tonight will be a bald guy and a guy with hair. Watch it closely. Remember what I said about ugly being in."