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Where's Campaign Carl?

Reported by Judy - October 4, 2004 -

After working over time last week making up phony news stories ridiculing John Kerry, Campaign Carl was out of sight today(Oct. 4) on Fox News Live.

Immediately after its promos, Fox News Live with Jon Scott went to its reporter with the Kerry campaign. Instead of Carl Cameron, Steve Brown, a general assignment reporter from Fox News' Chicago bureau, was tFox's man with the mike with the Kerry campaign in New Hampshire and his performance showed he needs a little seasoning.

Brown discussed new polls showing the Bush-Kerry race too close to call and said that Kerry's day would include an appearance with actor Michael J. Fox, whom Brown said "suffers from an Alzheimer's-like Disease" and would be talking about extension of stem cell research. Fox has Parkinson's Disease, which has symptoms that are not at all like Alzheimer's Disease. Parkinson patients do not lose their memories; they lose control of muscles, which causes shaking in many of those afflicted. Brown did not say exactly how the two diseases are supposed to be alike (they both involve the brain?), but stem cell research carries hope of finding cures for both diseases.

Brown then went on to say that at a rally last night Kerry "took a none-too veiled shot at President Bush's performance in that debate." Fox played a clip of Kerry in front of a cheering crowd saying, "I know you're here tonight to cheer because you discovered that John Kerry can actually complete a sentence of 15 words or less."

Excuse me, Steve, but I think Kerry was referring to complaints that he talks too long and too abstractly. Kerry was making fun of himself, not taking a shot at Bush.

Neither Scott nor Brown explained where Campaign Carl is. Campaign Carl did report from the Kerry campaign the day after his little stunt. But The New York Times ran a short item on the stunt on Saturday. Although the article said that Cameron "is well respected in news media circles," the article may have made Cameron too hot to be much good on the campaign trail. On the other hand, maybe today is just Campaign Carl's regular day off. Or maybe he's taking a little vacation since Fox excused his juvenile prank last week by saying that he was "fatigued."

Whatever the reason, Campaign Carl should stay away from the Kerry campaign from here on out. As I've said before, Fox News should fire him.