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Voter Fraud: The FOX Perspective

Reported by Ellen - October 4, 2004 -

Satuday (October 2) night's After Hours with Cal Thomas' weekly editorial, Column 1, chilled my blood. Coming on the heels of Bush's clear loss in last week's presidential debate, Thomas spoke of the need to clean up "voter fraud" on the part of Democrats while seeming to claim that Republicans are not guilty. And guess which state was the focus of said Democratic fraud? That's right, Florida. Get ready to email Afterhours@foxnews.com. This is something Americans can't stay silent about.

Here's an excerpt of what Thomas said. Notice he provides no facts, no proof, nor sources for any of his allegations:

"There's plenty of actual and potential fraud in Florida but most of it appears not to be coming from the Republican side. Snowbird residents - those with winter homes in Florida (comment: i.e. New Yorkers who just happen to be mostly Democrats) - are being encouraged to register in Florida and vote twice. Once in their home states and once in Florida (Comment: For many snowbirds, Florida, with its lower taxes IS their home state, a fact Thomas conveniently overlooks or is unaware of). Another trick used in the past by Democrats is to obtain lists of non-voters and then vote absentee in their behalf. Partisans have also gone into nursing and retirement homes, requested absentee ballots for all residents, then voted them all, sending the ballots in to election officials in bundles...

"In close races, illegal votes could make the difference."

Comment: In close races, DISQUALIFYING legal votes could also make the difference. Funny how Thomas never mentions any of the improperly purged voters in the same state of Florida in the year 2000. This is a bad omen about what is to come if Kerry wins the election next month. We can't let FOX start this unsubstantiated rumor about Democratic voter fraud as a means to disqualify or just cast into doubt legitimate votes. Email afterhours@foxnews.com or comments@foxnews.com NOW and let them know we will not tolerate such irresponsible and self-serving "news."