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That's No Excuse, Jane Roh

Reported by Ellen - October 4, 2004 -

On October 2, I asked readers to complain to FOXNews.com about a story by Jane Roh quoting Communists for Kerry without revealing that it was really a Republican organization. Hours later, FOX printed this correction on its website:

"In a version of this article that was published earlier, the Communists for Kerry group was portrayed as an organization that was supporting John Kerry for president. FOXNews.com's reporter asked the group's representative several times whether the group was legitimate and supporting the Democratic candidate, and the spokesman insisted that it was. The Communists for Kerry group is, in fact, a parody organization."

Comment: In my view, FOX News has sunk to a new low (which is saying a lot for this organization) with this "explanation." I was a journalism major in college and was taught in Reporting 101 to check facts, particularly when espoused by a spokesman. Not only did the reporter not do that, neither did the editor, apparently, because the very story in which Communists for Kerry appeared, contains (and contained at the time of the original) a link to the group's website which makes it pretty clear the group is not pro-Kerry.

You can contact reporter Jane Roh at 212-556-2500, hit 4 for directory, then 7645 or Email foxnewsonline@foxnews.com. Tell them that's no excuse!