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FOX News Sunday Panel Agrees: Kerry Wins Debate But Still Deserves Criticism

Reported by Ellen - October 4, 2004 -

FOX News: The channel where you can expect Democrats to bash Kerry on a regular basis. Despite agreement from the regular panel of pundits that Kerry won last week's debate, they all found something to criticize about him anyway.

Kerry-bashing is to be expected from conservatives Brit Hume and William Kristol. But aren't Mara Liasson and Juan Williams supposed to be attacking Bush, not Kerry and/or Democrats?

After reaching consensus that Bush lost because of his grimacing and sour expressions, that he had been outdebated by Kerry but that the momentum could still swing back to Bush, "liberal" Mara Liasson dropped the following comment about Kerry's win: That the most important thing was that it energized Democrats. She continued with this gratiutous knock against the party:

"Democrats are famous for when things look bad, they head for the hills whereas when the Republicans have a bad day, they just get more sand bags."

Later, she made this comment about Kerry's so-called vote for the 47 million before he voted against it. "(It's) hard to argue that this was a vote of principle and I disagree with Bill Kristol... I think (Kerry) didn't have to do that to win the nomination."

Then "liberal" Juan Williams made this unrelated-to-anything-in-the-discussion criticism: "The one thing I think Kerry didn't do in this... I think Democrats would give their kingdom for an ounce of Clintonesque charm."

With "friends" like these, Kerry doesn't need enemies.