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"Fair and Balanced" isn't necessarily equal.

Reported by Chrish - October 4, 2004 -

The Kansas City Star publishes telephoned comments from readers under the caption "Voices" on the Opinion page.

On Saturday October 2, there was one comment printed from a caller who continued to support Bush after the debate, and four comments from callers who thought Kerry was the clear winner. The column ended with an Editor's note: "The Star is committed to publishing a variety of political viewpoints in Voices. However, out of 11 calls about Thursday night's presidential debate, 10 favored Sen. John Kerry's performance over President Bush's."

Having monitored FOX for 9 months now, I can well imagine how FOX would have represented that in a "fair and balanced" way: they'd probably only print one item supporting Kerry to be "balanced" with Bush's lonely one.