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Not Much Time For Finance on Forbes on Fox

Reported by Ellen - October 3, 2004 -

Forbes on Fox, one in the long line-up of FOX financial shows on Saturday mornings, devoted almost its entire show to politics yesterday. Guess how much time in this half-hour show was devoted to finances? Two minutes.

The rest of the show was devoted to politics, thinly veiled in financial terms.

The first segment was about the Iraq war. The screen said, "Are we $afer?" No consensus and not much talk about finance.

Next was a segment called "Winning the War on Terror at the Bank!" The discussion was whether or not a financial solution (cutting off the funds) might work better than a military solution. Not much time to explore what the financial solution is or how it works, though there was enough time for Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief, to throw in a dig about Clinton.

Then, at long last, came the two minutes evaluating MacDonald's stock and The Limited, owner of Victoria's Secret. We got to see scantily-clad models parading around a runway but that was nearly all we learned about The Limited before it was on to a debate about who will win the next presidential debate. Host David Asman said breathlessly, "The answer could be good for your wallet." I never got why.

Comment: The good news is that at least the panels were balanced which has not always been the case on this show.