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CELSIUS 41.11 -Talking Head Melt Down

Reported by Marie Therese - October 3, 2004 -

Big Story with John Gibson. 10/1/04. 5:38 PM to 5:40 PM EDT.
Guest: David Bossie, Executive Producer of "Celsius 41.11"

"Celsius 41.11" is a new documentary created to counter Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11". The movie was premiered this weekend at the conservative-backed Liberty Film Festival in Hollywood.

GIBSON: Celsius 41.11 is the temperature at which the brain melts. Is that what you said?

BOSSIE: John, what we're sayin' with "Celsius 41.11" is - it's the temperature at which the brain overheats and what we're saying is the hate and anger and rage propagated by "Fahrenheit 9/11" and Michael Moore and the MoveOn.orgs of the world have done nothing but foster fear and anger in America and we don't believe people are thinking rationally and what we try to do is use scholarship and research in our film ... to really bring people back to the debate that needs to be happening.


GIBSON: You know, David, Michael Moore made $100 million on this deal and for whatever else you might begrudge him about the politics of his movie, he's a very, very rich man today and private jets and long limos. You?

BOSSIE: I don't think - we didn't do this for the commercial value, John. What we did was to enter the public debate and allow the American people to hear the other side. We will be releasing our film nationally on October 15th in two weeks from tonight....

CELSIUS 41.11 stars Fred Thompson, Bill Sammon, Charles Krauthammer, Fred Barnes, Victoria Toensing, John O'Neill, Michael Ledeen and Mansoor Ijaz. The festival is scheduled to close with a screening of Cecil B. DeMille's religious drama and Cold War parable, "The Ten Commandments," introduced with a special lecture by Michael Medved.


Oh. Okay. I confess. I had a crush on Moses/Ben Hur. The celluloid image of Heston in a loincloth can still do it for me.

What I didn't realize is that the Book of Exodus was written as a foreshadowing of the single-handed struggle between Ronald Reagan and the Communist Empire! How stupid of me! I always thought the Iron Curtain collapsed under the weight of a failed economic system. Live and learn!

On the Liberty Film Festival website the following are listed under the heading WHAT WE ARE AGAINST - the News Hounds are especially fond of #5:

1) Fahrenheit 9/11 – Michael Moore's screed against Pres. Bush and the Iraq War.

2) The Manchurian Candidate – Remake of '62 classic drops Communist China as villain in favor of an evil corporation backing conservative candidates!
3) The Yes Men - Marxists make $ off anti-capitalism documentary

4) Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry - Fawning documentary on John Kerry, war hero & noted peace activist.

5) OutFoxed – Liberals attack Fox News for not being more like Al Jazeera.

6) Bush's Brain – Documentary says Pres. Bush is a simpleton controlled by Karl Rove.

7) The Day After Tomorrow – Global warming blamed on Dick Cheney look-alike!
(Did they discuss this with Rupert??!! This is a 20th Century FOX release! Guess this proves Murdoch is fair and balanced!)

8) The Hunting of the President – Nasty Republicans forced Bill Clinton to lie!

9) The Control Room – Presents Al Jazeera as model TV network!

10) The Corporation – Documentary on evils of capitalism; features Michael Moore.

11) The Chronicles of Riddick – In the future, evil conservative Christian crusaders destroy happy, peaceful civilizations in outer space!

12) Heir to an Execution – Rosenbergs' granddaughter says: it's OK to give atomic secrets to the Soviets.

13) The Motorcycle Diaries – Biopic of the young, sexy Che Guevara.

14) Che – Biopic of the young, sexy Che Guevara.

15) The Assassination of Richard Nixon – Would-be assassin tries to crash a plane into the White House, starring Sean Penn!