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Let Fox News Hear From You -- Newshounds Editorial

Reported by Judy - October 2, 2004 -

Carl Cameron should be held accountable by Fox News for the juvenile prank he played on millions of Internet users yesterday (Oct. 1). A reprimand is not enough.

The proper response from Fox would have been to fire Carl Cameron on the spot. The Associated Press wire story about the incident might have pointed out that instant dismissal is the AP policy for such foolishness. AP employees sign an agreement that they will not use AP equipment for writing personal items or for pranks like Cameron's, or they will be fired. It is simply too easy for an embarrassing incident like yesterday's to happen in this age of instant communication.

The AP has in fact carried out its policy. A woman who went on to become a well-known columnist from Texas was an AP employee years ago who wrote a steamy letter to her boyfriend, which was inadvertently transmitted over the wire to newspapers. She was fired.

Several years ago, a copy editor at an Iowa newspaper inserted some snide comments into an article about a Republican senator who had used a state credit card to visit a massage parlor (not a spa, a massage parlor). The edited comments inadvertently remained in the article when it was printed. He was summarily fired. And he was a mere copy editor, not the person actually covering the campaign.

The industry standard for such pranks for more than twenty years has been instant dismissal. We should demand the same from Fox.

Please call or e-mail Fox News and demand that it fire Campaign Carl. (He can always get a job working for the Bush campaign. No training required.) It is what any other news organization would do. Anything else is unacceptable.

Here are Fox News e-mail addresses. Use them all. On its website, Fox News said, "we want your input. ... Talk to us." Do it.

To Call FOX News Channel:

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