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What Debate?

Reported by Deborah - October 1, 2004 -

The way Hannity was talking to Richard Hollbrooke after the debate, the viewer might have wondered if Hannity had even watched it tonight.
9/30/04 11:15PM ET

Hannity continued to rattle off the same threadbare flip flop lines with Hollbrook. He was very focused on not acknowledging anything Kerry said in the debate that might portray him as a decisive leader. He asked Hollbrook a question but started spouting his party line discrediting Kerry before Holbrooke could answer prompting him to say, "If you ask to question and answer it....Can I answer?"

When Holbrook said that Kerry offered a clear altenative to Iraq, Hannity quickly answered, "What alternative?"

comment; Because Kerry did so much damage to Bush in this debate, Hannity will most likely act as if it never happened. The one clip he showed was of Bush giving his rote speech on keeping us safe.

After watching the debate, I wonder how anyone can declare this debate a tie. I realize that my eyes are partisan but I was thouroughly impressed with Kerry's performance. Bush looked totally unhinged to me with all his faces and angry twitches. The way he gestured to Jim Leher for his turn like he was calling for his check at a restaurant looked arrogant to me.