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Begala v Novak

Reported by Deborah - September 30, 2004 -

Crossfire was aired today from the campus of the University of Miami surrounded by a large crowd of students holding Kerry/Edwards posters and cheering for Begala. 9/30/04 4:30PM ET

Begala and Novak were going at each other pretty intensely. Novak got progressively angrier and nastier as the pro Kerry crowd cheered and Begala made his factual points against Bush.

Novak: " John Kerry has as much appeal for the people of Florida as another hurricaine"
"He keeps his watch on French time."
"Kerry won't make any progress tonight imitating Al Jazeera."
" Did he marry Teresa for her looks or her money?"
" Kerry is worried about the President cutting into the black vote. The preachers don't like homosexual marriage."