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Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Reported by Nancy - September 29, 2004 -

FNL this morning (9/29) offered an excellent illustration of how what people don't say can be more important than what they do say.

At 10:49am (EDT), as part of the endless bloviating about the upcoming Kerry-v-Bush debate, Patti Ann Browne interviewed Clark S. Judge. She introduced Judge as a former Reagan speechwriter, & Managing Director of the White House Writers Group -- all true, & relatively benign-sounding, right? And the "White House Writers Group" sounds like a typical think tank, or maybe even some kind of alumni association, right? Wrong: it's a private consulting firm that "provides strategic communications counsel" & "message management". On the firm's website, http://www.whwg.com, they offer writing samples of each member. Judge's most recent entry? A little ditty for the Los Angeles Times (Aug 1, 2004) called "Sen. Kerry, It's French for Kiss Off".

For 4 minutes, Judge & Browne discussed whether the candidates are over-prepped, he explained the nuts-&-bolts of how such preps typically are handled, & he ended with a comment that he expects to hear "harsh words" from Kerry directed at Bush, but Bush can counter with a line about Kerry's "57 varieties" of flip-flops.

Comment: How's that for an impartial viewpoint?