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"Lying Us Into a War"

Reported by Judy - September 28, 2004 -

Fox and Friends today (Sept. 28) featured a guest who painted Democrats or other Americans who oppose the war in Iraq as traitors in league with radical Islamists, and let is remarks stand with little attempt to press him about the right to dissent in a democracy.

David Horowitz was on Fox to discuss his book, Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left. Rather than challenge Horowitz, the Fox co-hosts fed him softball questions, as when Steve Doocy asked if Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter were part of the American left. Horowitz said they were and that their comments "were worse than incendiary, they're undermining the war on terror, undermining the credibility of the United States and the president. They're treacherous." My dictionary says "treacherous" means "traitorous" or "disloyal."

Horowitz then went on to validate his credentials to speak on the subject based solely on his personal experience (his parents were "card-carrying members of the American Communist Party") and he is a reformed anti-war activist from the 1960s.)

Having enjoyed freedom of speech when he wanted it, Horowitz then went on to attack those who would exercise the same freedom now. "There is legitimate criticism and then there is critism that begins to cross the line. And when you attack the commander in chief as a liar who is sending Americans to die for no reason, and you do this in the middle of a war, a war that we are winning and we must win, you have crossed the line," he said.

He also said that Fox in-house liberal Alan Colmes was an example of a good liberal because his stance was that, "It's perfectly fine for people to disagree with the decision to go to war, up to the point where our troops entered harm's way. And then he said, we now have to all band together, we're in a war." In other words, no criticism of how the war is being conducted, what peace terms should be, no criticism at all until the president decides the war should end.

Horowitz would have us believe that that is the traditional American way. It is not. Members of Abraham Lincoln's own party discussed dumping him from the top of the ticket in the middle of the Civil War. More recently, former Republican Congresswoman Clare Booth Luce's statements about President Roosevelt during the 1944 campaign mouthed another example of robust GOP criticism of the commander in chief in the middle of a war.

Luce, who became closely allied with the isolationist Republicans, called Roosevelt "the only American President that ever lied us into war." When Luce was trying to be confirmed to a diplomatic post in the Eisenhower administration, she backed off from her language and admitted it had been "most intemperate." Not treacherous, not disloyal, just "most intemperate." Even Democrats who criticized her comments during the confirmation hearings did so on the grounds that her blunt language disqualified her from diplomacy. They did not question her loyalty and Kelley was overwelmingly confirmed. (This incident, courtesy of Kitty Kelley, The Family, p. 148).

Horowitz went on to declare that critics of the Patriot Act such as the ACLU "are in bed with the terrorists" and that "we're taking a much too complacement attitude towards the enemy at home." Now, sticking up for your constitutional rights makes you "the enemy." A chilling statement.

Doocy also asked Horowitz what would happen if John Kerry were elected, feeding Horowitz another softball, which Horowitz hit out of the park. "It would vastly encourage the terrorist forces just because George Bush has been so strong against the Islamic radicals and they would interpret this as a repudication of the Bush war policy. So that, I think that it would be a disaster to have Kerry elected."

That's a lot to swallow in just a few short minutes, so let's recap: Democrats are traitors because they criticize the president for lying us into a war, which we don't do in this country unless you're a Republican attacking President Roosevelt at the height of World War II, but saying that a vote for Kerry is a vote for terrorism does not cross the line of legitimate criticism because he supports the constitution and people who do that are the enemy.