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Election Reform Too Costly?

Reported by Judy - September 28, 2004 -

After former President Jimmy Carter spoke out about the lack of basic election safeguards in Florida, Fox and Friends today (Sept. 28) called on Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas to discuss fair elections.

Hutchison said that election safeguards are "a very good subject that we need to talk more about because I think there is a lot of concern about the integrity of ballots, the integrity of the ability to check the system and who's voting, making sure that people are actually eligible to vote." Although the job of conducting elections traditionally has been left to the states, Hutchison said "there is a growing concern that we don't have total control."

As a true-blue Bush supporter, Hutchison says this year's election won't be close, but "I do think it is something we should look at in the future. I don't want to federalize elections. ... If you do a lot of mandates, it means the federal government is going to have to pay for it. That would be impossibly expensive so it's a tough issue we have to address, because I'm not sure we have the integrity of the ballot throughout our country."

In other words, election integrity in this country is a problem, but let's not do anything about it until after we exploit the same corrupt system to put George Bush back in the White House.

Federalizing elections is the last thing Republicans want to see. They don't want to see it now for the same reason that southern Democrats didn't want to see it in the 1950s and 1960s -- too many of their opponents would be able to vote. Some activist judge would probably decide it was unfair to construct a voter list that excludes blacks with felony records from voting while leaving on Bush-supporting Latinos with criminal records.

Notice that Hutchison's biggest concern was not with whether the votes that are cast are counted, but with keeping people from voting who may not be eligible. Ineligible voters were not the biggest problem in the last election, but it is the problem Hutchison wants to address.

And "impossibly expensive" to mandate changes? We're mandating change in Iraq at a cost of $200 billion and counting. And now it turns out that won't even buy a whole election, just three-fourths of one because nothing's perfect in this world. But it doesn't matter because the CIA will fix it anyway.

Moral of the story: Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? Call your local registrar to double check.