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Reported by Nancy - September 27, 2004 -

Sometimes it's possible to find tiny pearls buried amidst the dreck that typically constitutes FNL. Today (9/27) was a good example of that.

After the usual fluff-masquerading-as-news segments & the eternal coverage of hurricanes in Florida [comment: isn't everybody just about fed up with video of pouring rain, flooded streets, trashed buildings, palm trees whipped by the wind?], David Asman led into the noon hour by introducing reports from the campaign trail.

At 11:58am (EDT) Carl Cameron reported from WI, with the Kerry campaign. His report included the snide comments that if Kerry isn't ready for the upcoming debates he shouldn't be running, & that Kerry is honing his attack messages.

At 12:00pm (EDT) Molly Henneberg report from OH, with the Bush campaign. And here's where it gets interesting. The banners that FNL chose to run under Henneberg's report included: "Bush limiting public schedule in preparation for debate", "Bush spent the weekend at Crawford preparing for debate" & "Bush finished mock debates yesterday".

Comment: Looks like FNL is admitting that Bush wasn't ready for the upcoming debates, & thus shouldn't be running.