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One Day Later

Reported by Ellen - September 25, 2004 -

The day after FOX News gushed over Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi's campaignogenic "Thank You, America," FOXNews.com printed this AP story of a somewhat less appealling picture of some of the US behavior in Iraq. Three More Navy SEALs Charged in Iraq Prisoner Abuse.

These three SEALs are in addition to four SEALs charged earlier in the month. Here's a description of how one particular Iraqi prisoner named al-Jamadi has been treated thanks to our "liberation from the brutal dictatorship of Saddam."

In detaining al-Jamadi on Nov. 4, 2003, a SEAL subdued him by hitting him on the side of the head with the butt of a gun, according to an Army report released last month that probed the role of Army intelligence units in Iraq prisoner abuse.

Two CIA personnel brought al-Jamadi to Abu Ghraib and put him in a shower room with a sandbag on his head. He was dead 45 minutes later. An autopsy determined he died of a blood clot in his head, probably caused by being hit with the gun, the Army has said.

A day after al-Jamadi died, U.S. personnel sneaked the body out of the prison on a stretcher, disguised so the dead person would appear to other inmates only to have been sick, the Army report said.

Comment: Note that no charges have been filed, apparently, against the two CIA personnel who put him in a shower with a sandbag on his head. I'm guessing (though the report doesn't go into that) that it's because the autopsy determined his death was "probably" caused by being hit in the head with the gun. But what were those CIA personnel trying to accomplish by that horrible tactic?

I can understand how our overstretched, stressed troops can behave in such hideous ways when they are undoubtedly under horrible conditions in Iraq. But those conditions are never reported on at FOX, the so-called Real Journalism network.