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Gross v O'Reilly

Reported by Nancy - September 25, 2004 -

The Terry Gross versus Bill O'Reilly rematch that we've all been waiting for...

Terry Gross Beats The Hell Out of Bill O'Reilly!

Unconfirmed sources report that NPR host Terry Gross has delivered a serious beating to FOX demagogue Bill O'Reilly. The incident occurred at FOX studios during a taping of O'Reilly's news magazine The Factor. O'Reilly apparently pushed Gross a little too far & she decided to lay some smack down on the FOX News personality. FOX news would not comment on the incident, but Gross said in a statement, "Someone had to do it."

This is not the first time the two have tangled. The conflict between the two media personalities has a long history, which began when Gross interviewed O'Reilly on her program Fresh Air. During the interview Gross kept asking O'Reilly to explain why he bullies & belittles his guests & talks over them. She also asked him to respond to statements by Al Franken. O'Reilly couldn't handle it & left the studio like a crybaby. The two personalities then traded barbs while a hungry nation yearned for a rematch.

Don King, the noted boxing promoter, stepped in & helped negotiate an appearance by Gross on O'Reilly's program. His idea to promote a "Rumble in the Spin Zone" never took off, but the two finally met for a re-match & the sparks flew. The interview started off with O'Reilly re-playing the end of the previous interview that he walked out on. From that point it went downhill. Gross kept her cool until O'Reilly said something nasty about her mother. The transcript of the program that appears on the on the FOX News site has had the statement edited out. At that point Gross went at O'Reilly.

An intern who was in the studio at the time described the fisticuffs. "It was totally cool. That Terry Gross is a lot tougher that she looks. She went right over the desk & started to pound him. She was whaling on him & he tried to fight back, but he was totally out-matched. She may be five foot nothing, but she opened up a whole can of ‘whoop ass' on him." The intern went on to describe how the production crew clapped for Gross after she pummeled the FOX demagogue senseless.

As Gross left the set she was heard to say, "Put that in your Spin Zone, pal."

FOX refused to comment on the story, but a spokesperson did say that O'Reilly had suffered minor injuries from a fall inside the notoriously slippery Spin Zone.