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Who's O'Reilly Really Looking Out For?

Reported by Ellen - September 24, 2004 -

Tonight, The O'Reilly Factor replayed a segment about the possibility of national health insurance. The way O'Reilly sees it, the problem with national health insurance is he might be forced to pay for other people's stupidity like smoking, obesity, etc. That seemed to be his main objection despite the fact that Steffie Woolhandler, of Harvard, stated over and over again that national health insurance would save the country money. Not good enough for for O'Reilly. Apparently, it doesn't matter to he who claims to "look out for ya" that there are working people who can't afford to purchase health insurance or seniors struggling to pay for their medications. Mr. O'Reilly, well-compensated talk show host that he must be, would prefer those people do without rather than have his substantial income crimped for someone he considers undeserving.

Appearing with Woolhandler, and taking the opposing view, was Michael Cannon from the CATO Institute. In Cannon's view, the reason health care is so expensive is because everyone thinks of it as free. "We're all spending someone else's money," Cannon said. So it seems that O'Reilly's solution to reducing health care costs is for everyone to go to the doctor less. Thanks, man!

Comment: This proves to me how out of touch Mr. Cannon is. Anyone who thinks of health care as free must have health insurance. Come to my neck of the woods where the working poor routinely do without it and I pay nearly $400 a month with a $1,200 deductible. Don't tell me I think of it as free.