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What About Outfoxed?

Reported by Ellen - September 24, 2004 -

Good evening, readers. I'm your substitute O'Reilly Factor monitor for the evening. Tonight, while I substituted for Marie Therese, John Kasich substituted for Bill. There was a lengthy segment on lack of confidence in the media, as an offshoot of the CBS "memogate," of course. Kasich started the segment by implying (without an attempt at proof) that CBS is responsible for the latest Gallup poll showing only 44% of the public have confidence in the media's ability to present stories fairly and accurately.

"It's the lowest the figure has been in 30 years. Can Dan Rather and the rest of the press recover?" Notice the causal connection implied, though not stated.

Then Tobe Berkovitz, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Boston University Communications School came on to answer the question, "Why has this happened?"

Showing himself to be a good FOX guest, Berkovitz immediately answered, "Dan Rather and the blow-up at 60 minutes." He went on to provide the other favorite FOX talking points about the media: Over the last few years, conservatives have been very successful at attacking "old media" as being too liberal. Their orchestrated campaign has "really paid off" so that now many Americans think the media is too partisan.

Kasich then listed a number of media scandals, all at other media outlets: USA Today, New York Times, NBC, and CNN.

"It's been one huge blow-up after another," Berkovitz agreed. Only at the end of the segment did he mention that there are a lot of liberals who think the media is too conservative.

What about Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism which proves Fox's bias? That movie prompted the only instance of a demonstration against the media that I know of (The Shut-up-athon during the Republican National Convention) plus a spontaneous outpouring of mass condemnation during the first, large NYC protest just prior to the start of the Convention. That was never mentioned, of course.

Comment: As was pointed out in a brilliant post by our reader, "limbo," the very fact that the media has ignored Fox's proven, more pervasive bias while it focuses on Dan Rather's, is an instance of bias itself.