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Ego Trip

Reported by Nancy - September 24, 2004 -

No matter what subject he was talking about, or who he was interviewing, The O'Reilly Factor tonight (9/23) was all about Bill.

O'Reilly mentioned his upcoming interview with Bush (to air next week) with every other breath. He spent the first few minutes of his show tooting his own horn, showing stats about how many people watch his show & making an issue of his allegedly increased responsibility. He couldn't resist one of his typical slurs, claiming that viewers look to FNC for reasons, not bomb-throwing.

He interviewed Andrew Kohut (Pew Research Center) at 8:04pm (EDT) about a recent Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll showing Bush ahead of Kerry. Both agreed that polls can vary wildly depending on who you ask & when you ask them [comment: duh].

He interviewed Dick Morris at 8:11pm (EDT). [cpmment: Morris was his usual smarmy self, & this whole segment was essentially a 7-minute meeting of the 2 charter members of the Morris/O'Reilly Mutual Admiration Society.]

At 8:20pm (EDT) he interviewed Richard Holbrooke (Kerry campaign advisor, former Ambassador to UN) about the issue of Iraq in the presidential campaign. Faced with an intelligent & civil guest, O'Reilly's performance improved. There was much back-&-forth about which vision of Iraq is correct, the Bush optimistic "Happy Iraq" version or the Kerry more somber "this is a mess" version. Holbrooke made one observation that seemed to take O'Reilly aback, when he said that if Bush & Allawi are correct about how swell things are going in Iraq, then reporters for FNC & other major media who are stationed in Iraq are wrong, because their reports are full of one disaster or debacle after another. Both O'Reilly & Holbrooke seemed to be enjoying themselves with a pretty free-flowing exchange of ideas, because this interview spanned an ad break & didn't end until 8:33pm (EDT).

O'Reilly interviewed Naomi Wolf at 8:38pm (EDT), ostensibly about an article she recently wrote for "New York" magazine. Wolf tried to explain her thesis about GOPs, at Karen Hughes' behest, being very clever about appealing to women but merely using feminist symbols to try to sway women voters; however, she spent a lot of her time telling O'Reilly how smart he was (& he didn't modestly protest or interrupt). O'Reilly asked her what she thought of Laura Bush (whom he obviously likes) & of Teresa Heinz Kerry (whom he obviously doesn't like). [comment: who cares what she thinks of them?]

He replayed an interview he had done with Kerry from December 2002, about how we should be handling Iraq & Saddam Hussein. [comment: I believe it was the entire interview, unedited, but O'Reilly didn't say it was & I never saw the original. I'm not sure why he replayed it -- he said viewers could draw their own conclusions, but what I saw leads to a very un-Foxian conclusion, that Kerry is no flip-flopper, because what he was saying then is what he's saying now: we need a more thoughtful approach that involves the UN, NATO & the international community in general.]

Final segment -- silly item of the day -- included another typical O'Reilly slur, calling a writer for the WaPo a "koolaid person".

The really final segment was O'Reilly reading viewer email. He managed to get in another plug about his upcoming Bush interview & used his final few moments to plug stuff he's selling. [commet: It's all about Bill.]