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Union Bashing

Reported by Nancy - September 23, 2004 -

Buried in the usual fluff of the daytime news shows (Hacking, Britney Spears, etc) was a report on FNL this morning (9/23, at 11:46am EDT) by William LaJeunesse about Wal-Mart.

Introduced by David Asman as a "fair & balanced", the report actually focused on Wal-Mart "fighting back" against efforts to keep it out of some Califiornia communities. LaJeunesse said unions should be blamed for casting Wal-Mart as an "evil empire", but it's loved by people who shop there. He included a variety of clips from a Wal-Mart spokeswoman, a full-time employee, a customer who loves the store, the mayor of Los Angeles, an anti-Wal-Mart activist. The report itself was only 3 minutes long, so none of those viewpoints was very effectively transmitted, nor did LaJeunesse attempt any in-depth analysis of the issues. He off-handedly dismissed studies such as a recent investigation showing that Wal-Mart's low wages & use of part-time employees (to avoid providing benefits like health care insurance) cost California $86 million each year. He wrapped it up by saying that a coaltion of anti-Wal-Mart groups has formed a 527 to oppose Wal-mart's proposed expansion, & noted that Wal-Mart is fighting back with full-page ads in CA papers.

This report followed a typically perky & upbeat "Cashin' In" segment by Brenda Buttner at 11:43am EDT.

Comment: I wonder if there's a connection between these 2 reports? FNL doesn't usually send its general reporters (like LaJeunesse) out to do economy-related stories.