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Squeezing a Story Dry

Reported by Eleanor - September 22, 2004 -

Special Report with Brit Hume (Sept. 22, 6:00 p.m.) covered the CBS story three times again, or about half the program. The focus this time was on Mary Mapes, with the strong suggestion that she should lose her job, and Rather should be forced to resign. Several local CBS affiliates were referenced, that are very unhappy with CBS. A few minutes were spent on bombings and mayhem in Baghdad and Palestine.

Between discussions of the CBS memo, the new swift boat ad got some attention, as well as a discussion about Kerry's meetings in Paris in 1970-71. The new wind-surfing ad of Kerry was shown, as well as the Kerry response. Quite a bit of Kerry's speech on Social Security was shown on video. Kerry could barely talk because of a head cold, and came across with a hoarse, raspy voice. (But viewers did get to hear what he had to say, rather than strictly a reporter's interpretation of it.)

During the discussion about the debates, Mara Liasson, who is supposed to be the liberal panelist, said that Bush is a favorite. He's the communicator. Kerry is "tongue tied." Bush was shown at the end saying that some people say that English is his second language. (That was supposed to be a joke.)

Comment: Some CBS affiliates either didn't carry 60 Minutes 2 last week, or ran it after 1:00 a.m, instead of the usual time. I predict that this story won't end until Dan Rather is gone, and Mary Mapes is fired, no matter what the investigation shows. And the new swift boat story will take up any time left before the election to inform the public of real issues. The American people should be totally insulted that their chance to make an informed decision has been hijacked by multiple corporate media witch hunts, instead of a thoughtful, informative approach to campaign issues.