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How Does Fox Miss The Irony?

Reported by Ellen - September 22, 2004 -

In its "Breaking Point" special on the UN Oil-for-Food program, Fox said this, also printed on FOXNews.com:

"What this program was helping to sustain was a regime which executed people, which employed professional rapists to torment them," Rosett said. "Yes, some relief was delivered, but at what cost?"

Couldn't the same thing be said about the US invasion?

The Abu Ghraib prison scandals have revealed tortured and murdered Iraqis. The US doesn't even count the number of Iraqi citizens that have been killed by our "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Estimates are a minimum of 12,800, maximum 14,843 (as per iraqbodycount.net).

Yes, some relief was delivered, but at what cost? Fox News doesn't seem to care. They don't even seem to notice.