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Hannity Discredits Minority Concerns

Reported by Deborah - September 22, 2004 -

Lawrence Guyot, civil rights leader, joined Hannity&Colmes to talk about the new pro Kerry ad, criticizing Bush for his disregard of the African American community. Unfortunately, Hannity refused to allow Guyot to speak by shouting challenges to Guyots integrity and denouncing the content of the ad as "lies".
9/21/04 9:53PM ET

Lawrence Guyot was allowed two important statements.

"This is the most important election in American history."

" Bush put a wreath on the grave of Martin Luther King and the next day put affirmative action in the grave."

Hannity's harangue began at that point accusing Guyot of invoking Jim Crowe(one of his favorite minority lines). He then accused Guyot of telling African American kids that George Bush wants to keep them out of college. "That's
a lie." Hannity called black Americans "paranoid conspiracy theorists" saying that these accusations about Bush are made every election. Hannity did not come up for air and Guyot, although continuing his points, really could not be heard over Hannity's brutal tongue lashing.
"If you can sleep at night... If you feel comfortable telling children..."
" This President has put more African Americans in high level jobs..."

Hannity's final word, as the segment was ending, was oddly off topic.
" Al Gore screeching that our President betrayed his country."

Comment:Bush's record with minority voters is abyssmal so Hannity must attack anyone who dares to speak the truth. At this point, I have seen him do this so often, it would be easy to believe he was a racist. He is only making things worse for "his President" by behaving this way.

I found the final "off topic " comment really strange. It's as if Hannity accidentally switched tracks on his " attack DVD"