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A Bit More on CBS

Reported by Melanie - September 22, 2004 -

Cavuto took a bit of a lighthearted approach to the CBS bashing today (September 22, 2004) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. After joking with Shepard Smith, Cavuto said: "We're all over something else, from humiliating to titillating too. Now for CBS, just agitating. Black Rock facing some red ink and a super fine for a Super Bowl malfunction. Janet Jackson's breast-baring stunt will cost the Tiffany network a half a million bucks. Plus, CBS's parent company, Vicacom, isn't taking this lying down and why a top moral crusader isn't happy the fine is doing enough." (COMMENT: Cavuto says this as if it were all one sentence.)

A few minutes later Cavuto discussed the $550,000 fine with the Reverend Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition who said the man who ran CBS when this happened "promoted porn" and was a "very pornographic oriented guy," and Reese Schonfeld, co-founder of CNN, who said CBS is the wrong one to blame, that the producer of the NFL show should be fined instead.

COMMENT: Why Sheldon links pornography so strongly to CBS is beyond me but evidently Fox wanted to get that notion out there. Why else have him on?