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Who's The Best Democratic or Liberal Spokesperson on Fox?

Reported by Ellen - September 21, 2004 -

Late last night/early this morning, Gabby, Jorge and I had a discussion comparing the merits of different Democratic/liberal spokespeople on Fox.

Gabby prefers Geraldine Ferraro whom he feels is not only very effective but also an attractive person. Tonight, I had the chance to see Ms. Ferraro as well as Eleanor Clift on Hannity & Colmes. I have to say I prefer Clift. She may not be as babelicious as Ferraro (as Gabby seems to feel about her) but I thought Clift came across more effectively. Ferraro was a good match against Sean, a sine qua non for a guest in my book, but I thought Clift made better points in a calmer fashion.

So here are my favorites, in no particular order:
All time favorite Hannity foil and my new hero: Cornel West (who also appeared in a very interesting discussion on Fox News Live with Alan Colmes tonight)
Charles Rangel - He holds his own no matter what and doesn't lose his temper
Eleanor Clift - intelligent and pithy and not outtalked

Who are your favorites and why? Disclaimer: I have ulterior motives. Last night Colmes lamented that it's difficult to get Democrats to come on FOX News. Let's face it, FOX is going to be around a while and it's a force to contend with. So I think it's time Democrats get a clue about how to do it. Let's point out the role models.