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Soft-Pedalling the Bush Criticism

Reported by Ellen - September 21, 2004 -

Three Republican senators went on TV Sunday to criticize the Bush Administration's handling of the war on Iraq. That's a rather remarkable development in a pre-election season. The headline in the NY Daily News was "3 GOPers Give W His Lumps." The Washington Post titled its story "Three GOP Senators Urge Refocusing of Iraq Policy." FOXNews.com called its story "Senators Ask Bush to Update Iraq Plan" Notice there's no reference to the fact that the senators are GOP and that the Iraq plan needs updating not redoing.

You have to read the article to find that the senators were way more critical than the Fox (via AP) headline would suggest:

"A major problem, said leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was incompetence by the administration in reconstructing the country's shattered infrastructure."

"McCain said Bush was not being 'as straight as we would want him to be' about the situation."

"The chairman, Sen. Richard Lugar, noted that Congress appropriated $18.4 billion a year ago this week for reconstruction. No more than $1 billion has been spent. 'This is the incompetence in the administration,' Lugar, R-Ind., said on ABC's 'This Week.'"