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Annan Speech Muted

Reported by Eleanor - September 21, 2004 -

When Kofe Annan addressed the U.N. at about 10:20, the cable networks covered the speech. Fox reporters talked over Annan, rather than let the viewers hear what Annan was saying and decide for themselves. At 10:29 Fox left the Annan speech altogether and went back to the CBS memo story. Annan spoke for about five more minutes, with his main focus on the rule of law.

Annan's message was that together we can defeat terrorists by applying the rule of law. He listed a number of areas where the rule of law is not being applied, including civilian massacres in Iraq in cold blood.

Annan stated that we can restore the rule of law throughout the world. The U.N. was founded on the ashes of war. We must look into our collective conscience and ask if we're doing enough to strengthen the rule of law. No one is above the law. Don't preach until you clean up your act at home. The rule of law is at risk in the world.

Comment: Why did Fox screen and filter this speech through the lens of their reporters? I'm sure they'll let Bush speak for himself.