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Same old, same old

Reported by Ellen - September 20, 2004 -

Some time ago, one of my News Hound colleagues commented in a private email that all the Fox shows are the same. Saturday night's After Hours with Cal Thomas reminded me of her comment as Fox trotted out two topics seen elsewhere on the network already but with a little bit of Thomas spin.

The first topic was the proposal to do away with the income tax and impose a national sales tax instead. That topic has already been seen on FOXNews.com and was reported on by me in An Unbalanced Presentation of Taxes. Not surprisingly, Thomas was enthusiastic about the idea for just about all the same reasons that can be seen in the FOXNews.com story on the same subject. Also like the FOXNews.com story, Thomas left out any mention of the fact that poor people usually bear a greater burden of such taxes or that the Brookings Institute's concluded that, "when examined closely, the simplicity breaks down, payments would be close to impossible to collect, and the tax's fairness would be, at best, questionable."

Next topic: Is God a Republican? This is a minor variation of Who Would Jesus Vote For, an hour-long topic recently on Fox News Live with Alan Colmes (reported by me in Is Fox, Like Bush, Reaching Out To Evangelicals?). I applaud Thomas for essentially debunking the God-agrees-with-Bush mindset often seen elsewhere on Fox.

In the last segment Thomas interviewed Kitty Carlisle, from the old To Tell The Truth program. Finally, a segment unique to this program. They're few and far between on Fox TV.