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Issues Ignored

Reported by Deborah - September 19, 2004 -

Newshound Editorial

As November 2nd draws closer, there are many important issues that have been left out of the political discussion on Fox. Everyone has been caught up with the Swifty Boys, Memogate and of course the post convention bounce. It seems clear to this Newshound that these all consuming diversions were part of the well crafted campaign plan of the Republicans and Fox has been only too happy to oblige. While Fox would like us to believe that the only problem facing us is fighting terror, the real world, which most of us inhabit, is filled with other life threatening problems that concern us every day. One of these is healthcare.

I work in a school that depends on State and Federal funds for survival. Funding has gone down in the last three years while expenses have skyrocketed. Besides the "Leave no child behind' unfunded mandate, healthcare costs have increased at a wild rate. The school provides healthcare for staff and allows us to purchase a plan for our family, which I do for my self employed husband. In 1998, $189.00 was deducted from my salary each month and in 2004 it was up to $440.00. On Friday, we recieved word of a 17% increase which means my pay will decrease by 13%.

Then there are all the seniors who struggle with their prescription costs. My friends and I share tips on the best Canadian connections for our parent's meds. Now we must deal with legal issues along with the financial burdens just to get our parents medications.

The few jobs available are labeled part time even though most are 35 hours or more. There is a huge group of uninsured Americans in this group many recently graduated from college. My daughter is part of this group and we pray that she stays well.

Think about the insanity of this situation. There are 44 million people without healthcare and millions more struggling financially to keeps theirs. Billions of dollars went to a medicare bill that helped the drug companies more then any seniors that I know.

This is a humanitarian crisis that can be easily ignored by an administration who cares little for working Americans. Unfortunately, we are at fault too. It just keeps getting worse and we just keep accepting it.