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The Latest Poll

Reported by Nancy - September 18, 2004 -

Public opinions concerning the candidates, & other useful statistics. Note the category: Progressive Wit.

You don't normally find humor pieces in the New York Times, but they recently published this as an op-ed article:

60% of households that fly flags think America can do no wrong 26% of the time.

70% of women who think George Bush is more likeable than their husbands prefer John Kerry.

52% of people with wall-to-wall carpeting dislike Bush's plan for redecorating Iraq.

98% of people who are hearing-impaired like 50% of what they hear from Bush.

100% of Spanish-American War veterans are dead.

98% of World War I veterans can't remember the name of either candidate. All prefer Coolidge.

71% of divorced women say George Bush would be an ideal ex-husband.

Before the Republican convention, 86% of the population thought Zell Miller was a professional golfer. After the convention, 92% of the population would not like to be in his foursome.

50% of the electorate think that polls are misleading, inaccurate and inconclusive. The other 50% agree 30% of the time with 40% of the results.