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Far From Happy Iraq

Reported by Eleanor - September 18, 2004 -

Heartland with John Kasich (Sept. 18, 8:00 p.m.) spent about six minutes on the mess in Iraq, and actually called it that - and worse.

Bill Cowan, Fox Military Analyst, told it like it is in Iraq in response to some "good questions" by Kasich. Kasich: Who are the insurgents? Cowan: The Iraqis on the streets. It's easier to be an enemy than a friend of the U.S. Kasich: What percentage are Iraqi and what percentage foreign? Cowan: The suicide bombers are foreign. Others like snipers and attackers are Iraqis. Kasich: Most are Iraqis. Why are they blowing up their own country? Cowan: Reality is that they are undermining any effort with a U.S. name on it. They have hatred, anger, animosity against the U.S. and the interim government. They'll do whatever to disrupt. Kasich: The NY Times said that people who help us are targeted. Can we train Iraqis to kill Iraqis? Cowan: Another very good question. A para-military force is needed with good intelligence, and an Iraqi face, to go after insurgents. It takes time. Kasich: We don't train people overnight. Why are fewer people going after Osama bin Laden? Cowan: Al Qaeda is bigger than bin Laden, and there is limited information on him. It's tough for information to get out.

Comment: This interview made no attempt to paint a rosy picture. It did just the opposite. Time to face facts.