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Fox "Covers" Kerry Speech

Reported by Judy - September 15, 2004 -

Fox News today (Sept. 14) showed how it covers -- or covers up -- a speech by John Kerry.

Jon Scott, anchor of Fox News Live beginning at 9 a.m. EDT, went live to a speech of John Kerry before the Detroit Economic Club, a highly respected forum in the "battleground state" of Michigan.

Scott, however, cut away after about a minute of Kerry's introductory remarks in which he was acknowledging people in the audience, such as labor leaders and Michigan Democratic politicians. Scott said Kerry was making "no great announcements" but if he had "any big items" later, Fox would have them.

Clearly, Kerry giving a speech was not worth any time it would subtract from Fox News' saturation coverage of the controversy surrounding the memos related to Bush's National Guard service. Contrast that with the minutes Fox News has spent showing an empty podium awaiting a speech by George Bush, which often Fox covers in its entirety.

Fox News missed a chance to turn the dialogue of the campaign away from what happened 30 years ago to issues of importance today.