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Deja Vu

Reported by Nancy - September 15, 2004 -

FNL this morning (9/15) was simply more of the same -- much ado about Hurricane Ivan, a few snippets of miscellaneous gossip masquerading as "news", fluff & filler.

When I tuned in at 10:59am (EDT), Jonathan Serrie was in the midst of a report about Ivan from Mobile. This was followed by a weather report on Ivan by Colin Marquis (11:01am EDT); a phone interview by Brigitte Quinn with John Fogg, mayor of Pensacola (11:04am EDT) -- after she announced that Bush has been in touch with Govs of AL, MS & LA to reassure them the feds will provide support; an update from Marquis (11:13am EDT); a Quinn interview with Prof Stephen Leatherman of Florida International Univ (11:22am EDT); a report from Jeff Goldblatt in Panama City Beach (11:32am EDT); updates from Marquis (11:33am EDT) & Serrie (11:36am EDT); & of course innumerable teasers threatening to continue this wall-to-wall coverage. The only thing that interrupted the Ivan parade for any length of time was Martha Stewart's press conference (11:38am EDT).

There were the usual minor distractions -- a report on the Peterson case by Lis Wiehl (11:08am EDT) (complete with personal smears on Peterson's attorney, Mark Geragos, by Quinn, who said Geragos is "no shrinking violet", & Wiehl, who responded that his "ego" might play a part in any decision he makes), & multiple teasers for some "shocking" revelations about Kobe Bryant.

There was an ALERT at 11:03am (EDT) so Quinn could report there had been a school bus accident in Los Angeles -- no details available at that time, but plenty of video of first responders carrying off the injured.

For a daily dose of politics, FNL-style, Kelly Wright reported (11:06am EDT) that CBS is expected to release a statement about the documents it relied upon for its report on Bush's National Guard service. Wright included audio/video clips from two experts (Gerald Richards & Joseph Newcomer) who challenge the docs authenticity. At 11:15am (EDT) Quinn described a new ad from the Dem National Committee called "Fortunate Son", & showed a clip from it. She indicated that a new Fox poll (asking who do you think understands average Americans better) shows that Bush's numbers are up, Kerry's down -- true, but when the numbers were actually displayed on screen, Kerry still leads on that question. Quinn then interviewed Elaine Kamarck (Dem, former Gore advisor) & Bob Walker (GOP, former Representative from PA) about the new Dem ad. Nothing unexpected here -- altho it was pretty funny when Walker tried to claim the high ground by asserting that voters don't want to see attack ads & he'd prefer that everyone discuss "issues". Credit to Quinn for shutting it down when Walker started a foaming-at-the-mouth routine.

Comment: Here's a short list, just off the top of my head, of stories FNL continues to ignore: Darfur, Afghanistan, AIDS pandemic, North Korea, lack of progress in investigations like the Valerie Plame leak, Congressional hearings about Porter Goss' appointment as head of the CIA, any science-related story (wouldn't hurricane season be a good springboard for that?), health care in the US, jobs, problems with electronic voting, the investigation about a possible spy for Israel at the Pentagon ... I'm sure readers can think of many others.