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Abusing the Trust of Viewers

Reported by Melanie - September 15, 2004 -

During the "Fox Stox" portion of today's (September 15, 2004) Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Cavuto reported on the Coca-Cola company:

"Going flat. Coca-Cola. The stock dropping 4% to its lowest levels in more than a year. The world's largest beverage maker having trouble making money. Coke warning profits will fall short in the third quarter and CEO Neville Isdell says that he sees no quick fix. Coke has been losing ground while rival Pepsi appears to be gaining ground. And, you can blame it all on the French. Case volume in France and Germany falling by doublt digits."

COMMENT: According to this article about Coke's troubles from The Street.com, titled "New CEO Isdell Already in Crisis Mode at Coca-Cola," the company's "problems are lingering" and could "stem from mistakes made by previous management." They appear to be having personnel problems, and they've experienced "unfavorable volume trends in the North American bottle and can business." In Germany, they've encountered "changing marketplace dynamics together with unfavorable weather conditions," and face "near-term challenges."

In France, a "retail sell down ahead of a regulated price decrease has led to double-digit declines in unit case volume and declines in gallon sales to bottlers."

Fox viewers who own shares of Coca-Cola heard none of this, even though it speaks about the dynamics within the company and potentially about Coke's future stock performance. Coke shareholders watching this, Fox's premier business program, heard only the politically charged, "you can blame it all on the French" as the reason for the decline in Coke's earnings. Could Mr. Cavuto be more interested in politics than business?