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A Web Page Worth A Thousand Words

Reported by Ellen - September 15, 2004 -

After hearing Air America's Randi Rhodes play an excerpt of Major Roome's bumbling responses to Alan Colmes' questions on Monday night's Hannity & Colmes, I went to the website to read the transcript. Lo and behold, it's not there. Only the segment involving right-wing favorite, Bernard Goldberg, is included from that show. I realize that Fox can't print the entire transcript of every show but a quick look around the site made me strongly suspect that Roome's poor performance as a Kerry attacker might have something to do with his interview's absence.

On the right-hand side of the webpage is a list of topics labeled "More Hannity & Colmes." This appears to be a list of the transcripts available from past shows. What caught my eye immediately is that nearly all the titles are pro-Bush or anti-Kerry. For example, the first three are, "Kerry Campaign Tries to Switch the Subject, POWs Speak Out on Kerry's Testimony, Bush Senior Takes on His Son's Critics."

In a quick email "conference" with my H&C-monitoring colleague, Deborah, we agreed it bears further scrutiny to see which transcripts are included and which left out in the future. I'm especially curious to find out whether Cornell West's masterful interview on Tuesday night will make it in. He was magnificent! I hope others out there saw him take the show's reins and run, no easy feat with those two hosts.

Lastly, I couldn't help but notice that of the two photos of Hannity and Colmes, that Hannity's is much brighter than Colmes'. Puh-leez, even I know how to enhance a photo on my computer.

If Fox wants to call itself a fair and balanced network, it ought to start acting like one.