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A Tale from a Bookstore

Reported by Deborah - September 15, 2004 -

Newshound Editorial
One of my co-workers has a part time job at a well known book chain and she told me an interesting story that I thought I would pass along to our readers. After I heard it, all sorts of possibilities came to mind. 9/15/04

She said that since John O'Neills book has been released, her store has recieved a non stop barrage of calls asking if the book was in stock. When it has been sold out, the people on the phone become angry and accusatory demanding to know why they are trying to silence the truth about Kerry. She has been called a "commie bitch" and a "lefty slut" when she tells them that there is none for sale at that moment. Also, droves of people have called asking them to hold the book which requires them to take it off the shelf and hold it for a weeks time. She said about 90% never come in for the book and it goes back on the shelf. She has also been questioned by customers if they do not think the book is displayed in a prominent position and one customer would not leave until she created a display in the window.

Considering the abuse that the Newshounds recieve from opposing voices on this blog, I did not find this story hard to believe or even that unusual. I will allow the reader to draw their own conclusions about this tactic. Of course, our opposing voices will most likely choose to call me a liar but no problem, I'm used to that by now.