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No More Happy Iraq

Reported by Judy - September 14, 2004 -

Things must really be bad in Iraq if not even Fox News can find a bright side to the situation there.

Fox and Friends today (Sept. 14) offered only reports of attacks, explosions, and deaths during its second hour: one U.S. soldier killed in Mosul, 47 people killed in attack on police, oil pipeline attacked, 710 police officers killed since April.

Amy Kellogg, reporting from Baghdad, even cast into doubt those elections scheduled for January, saying that "Theoreticaly, they're still going to happen," but if the police cannot guarantee safety at the polls, the results of the election will be in doubt.

That would have amounted to heresy on Fox News just a few months ago, when Geraldo Rivera was crowing about the big fish being pulled out of the river in Baghdad and the bustling market place.

Guess Fox has other fish to fry right now.