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Candid War Coverage

Reported by Eleanor - September 14, 2004 -

Studio B with Shep Smith (Sept. 14, 3:00 p.m.) provided some unusually candid coverage of the situation in Iraq in two different reports. The first report discussed the 47 deaths and 114 injuries near the police station today, and 12 killed in another bombing incident, saying that the insurgents want the U.S. to leave Iraq, and the U.S. says it will stay until the country is secure. "The logic is skewed."

The second report was an interview of Bill Cowan, Fox Contributor, discussing the Newsweek headline about the situation being worse than we think. The insurgents are getting more effective. We are losing ground, but Cowan said we are not "necessarily" losing the war. When Shep said that more Iraqis are joining the insurgents, Cowan replied that we have good military leadership. Shep replied that we have both military and political leadership, but the "red light is on, not the green light." Cowan: The military is upset about the bureaucracy from Washington making decisions. Shep: History says this is more than an opinion. When politics take over, we get a Viet Nam. Cowan reiterated his observation about the involvement of Washington bureaucrats.

Comment: This kind of open criticism of how the war is being handled is rare for Fox. Without naming names, they threw out the gauntlet.