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Axis Becoming More Evil

Reported by Eleanor - September 13, 2004 -

Studio B with Shep Smith (Sept. 13, 3:00 p.m.) covered the North Korean and Iranian nuclear stories - as expected.

Greg Palkot reported on the IAEA meeting in Austria saying that Iran claims their nuclear program is for civilians only. Iranian leaders want it brought before the U.N. Security Council. France, Britain and Germany want to persuade Iran with a carrot and not a stick. North Korea is ready to test weapons, and South Korea is thought to have a small experimental program.

Doug Bandow with the Cato Institute said the accident in North Korea this week was a missile or hydroelectric plant. They're letting people in, and a Geiger counter would tell for sure if it was nuclear. Europeans are concerned that Iran wants a nuclear weapon. Iran could respond to Israel or Iraq with potential turmoil in Islamic countries. Getting rid of Sadam was good news and bad news for Iran. Good news - he's gone. Bad news - the U.S. is at their doorstep. South Korea doesn't have an ongoing program. Both Koreas going nuclear makes it a mess.

Comment: Are you afraid yet, especially since we don't seem to have a carrot to offer - just sticks.