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They're Out to Get Us

Reported by Eleanor - September 12, 2004 -

On Fox & Friends Weekend (Sept. 12, 7:00 a.m.), Barry Schweid, AP's Chief State Department Correspondent, discussed the issue of Iraq and North Korea, as the fighting continues in the Baghdad Green Zone, Kirkuk oil fields and Fallujah. This is "Bush's #1 issue."

Schweid noted that the Kerry issue is that Iraq is distracting to the war on terror, saying that resistance is what's going on in Iraq. Julian Phillips reminded us that no major attack has occurred on "our soil." But as the numbers killed continue to go up, will that "affect the president?"

Schweid explained that when the president said the war can't be won, he meant that the war is unending, and one major incident could throw everything off. If Iraq and Afghanistan come to stability, "the president can say he did it right." Kerry is talking about management of the strategy.

Phillips noted that Iran says it's going ahead with its nuclear program (saying it's for energy purposes). "How concerned should we be?"

Schweid responded that Powell is talking to the Europeans about Iran, and then he turned the focus to North Korea. He said we should watch to see if North Korea goes to the negotiating table at the end of the month for six-nation talks. "If they hedge, watch them."

Comment: North Korea along with Iraq and Iran continue to be discussion points as the morning goes on. We seem to be surrounded by bad guys from the axis of evil intent on doing us harm. Where has the coming together for unity and peace, that used to be the main focus, gone?