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Emerging Terror Stories

Reported by Eleanor - September 11, 2004 -

Heartland with John Kasich (Sept. 11, 8:00 p.m.) covered two stories that should get more air time this week. The first such story was terror fears in our schools, and the second was the absence of the U.N. in the Sudan.

Eric Haney, author of Inside Delta Force, was interviewed by Kasich about the potential for terror attacks on schools similar to what happened in Russia. Haney said that Jihadists are determined to murder people. The attention of this interview was on children. Kasich said that before 9/11, we would negotiate our way out. Haney said that this changed after 9/11. Now, it's murder as many as possible. Kasich asked about the vulnerability of our schools.Haney replied that post-Columbine, we look for guns with metal detectors. We are not prepared for a murder raid. We must realize it can happen, and orient security to look for outside threats. Parents can work with school security to put stop-gap measures in place. If the terrorists see "decent security," they go some place else.

Comment: Another thing to worry about. Now we can worry about our kids' safety at school. Be afraid.

The second story related to a U.N. protest tomorrow. For months now, Fox has run stories critical of the U.N. This story was about the absence of the U.N. in the Sudanese genocide crisis. Francis Bok, a slave who escaped from the Sudan, spoke of rape, beatings, dehumanization and systematic killings in the Sudan. Bok is part of the protest at the U.N. Kasich noted the lack of explanation for why the U.N. isn't doing anything. He said we must ask the U.N. to take immediate action. We need them to come to the rescue of people.

Comment: Where is the U.S? Traditionally, the U.S. has taken a leadership role in stopping this kind of carnage. The U.N. is made up of world leaders. We need to behave like one of those world leaders.